Boater Safety

Life Jackets: must to be worn by all persons under the age of 12. Every boat needs to have an adequate life jacket for all persons abroad the boat

Speed: 5 mph speed limit within 100 feet of the shore, a dock, pier, raft, float or anchored boat. That means the 5 mph starts on the end of the dock…or is enforced in a 100 foot circle around an anchored boat in the middle of the lake.

Too often water-skiers in particular come too close to boats that are anchored and fishing or just enjoying the recreational use of the lake. The 5 mph speed limit extends to 500 feet at all designated swim areas: the Village Lakeland Park, WBYC, Owera Point (PWC may access and exit at no more than 10 mph).

Wake: A vessel is also responsible for any damage caused by that vessel’s wake

Reckless Operation that is seen frequently:
• Coming too close to docks, rafts, or anchored boats exceeding, the 5mph speed
• A second person is required on a vessel while someone is water-skiing or tubing, dragging behind your boat, etc.
• Operating a vessel during dawn or dusk without proper lights is illegal and dangerous.
• Wake jumping too close to other vessels by PWC
• Weaving through congested traffic
• Last minute swerving to avoid collision
• Any maneuver which unreasonably or unnecessarily endangers life, limb or property , including carrying more passengers then is recommended by the manufacturer

Remember, if you see unsafe boater operations, you can call the non-emergency number of the Madison County Sheriff: 315-366-2311. If you have an emergency call 911

Recreational Water-Craft Use Statistics
• Cazenovia Lake is the largest lake in Madison County.
• It has an elevation of 1191 feet, a depth of 47 feet, a surface area of 1183.6 acres.
• It is approximately 4.5 miles long and 3/4 mile at its widest point.

A recent survey showed that Cazenovia Lake had the following number of recreational watercrafts docked, moored, or in use on the lake:

• at least 300 powerboats
• over 300 sailboats
• at least 35 jet skis
• over 170 row boats, canoes, or kayaks

Boater Use Intensity

• Still fishing boats: 3 – 5 boats/acres
• Trolling fishing boats: 1 boat/acre
• Sail boats: 6 – 8 acres/vessel
• Water Skiing: 10 – 15 acres/vessel
• Row boating: 1 acre/vessel
• Power boating: 6 – 8 acres/vessel

Cazenovia Lake reaches its maximum capacity for safe operation on a hot sunny summer afternoon or a holiday weekend when only one quarter (25%) of the existing recreational water crafts use the lake.