2018/19 Milfoil Control Fundraising Has Begun

Summer 2018 has started off very warm and many of us have been enjoying the Lake.  But, with the warmth and sunshine the Milfoil will grow and the harvester will be working in certain areas. However, as we know, the harvester is not the most effective way to manage the Milfoil. The only safe and proven method is by utilizing the herbicide Renovate.  Renovate has been proven and accepted by the DEC to be very  effective in controlling the milfoil while NOT being harmful  to other wildlife and native plants. It has been determined that the lake needs to be treated every 2 years to effectively control the growth of the Milfoil. We are therefore currently accepting donations to treat the lake in the spring/early summer of 2019 and we need everyone’s help. All money collected will be directly used to pay for the Renovate treatment.

If you have not received a fundraising letter but would like to help us reach the goal of $250,000 you may send your contribution to Cazenovia Lake Association, PO Box 55, Cazenovia NY 13035.

We thank you for your support.

To See the Proposed 2019 Lake Treatment Zones Please Go To The Photo Gallery

To View the 2019 Lake Summit Videos Clink the Following Link