Cazenovia Lake News – Spring 2015

As the weather turns warmer and the ice on the lake begins to thaw, our thoughts turn to summer and all of the joy that Cazenovia Lake brings to our community.

The Cazenovia Lake Association has been working closely with many government agencies to make sure that the lake is healthy and ready for the season. As part of a shared effort with the Town and Village of Cazenovia, and the NY State Department of Environmental Conservation, lake health this year will be ensured via a multi pronged process.

Boater Safety

Being safe on the water is important. Having the right equipment on your boat, and knowing how to use it in an emergency is part of being a good boater. This summer, you may see officers from the Village of Cazenovia police force patrolling the lake. They are there for your safety.

Lake Health – A Team Effort

The oversight and care of Cazenovia Lake is a team-based community effort. The Cazenovia Lake Association, along with representatives from both the Village and the Town of Cazenovia have come together to form the Cazenovia Lake Watershed Council – a forum for stakeholders to come together to find effective long-term solutions that will protect and restore the environmental health and recreational quality of Cazenovia Lake and watershed.